Satellite IoT

IoT devices in remote locations with limited or no cellular connectivity (such as rural, remote or mountainous areas) can be difficult to manage. Whether working with a few IoT devices or tracking thousands of them, Canada Satellite can provide connectivity solutions specifically designed to your needs. With Satellite IoT we can address any IoT connectivity or management challenge deriving from poor cellular coverage conditions.

Whether you are in utilities, banking, retail, oil and gas, environment monitoring or farming, having continuous access to an Internet of Things service is essential.

But sometimes, business takes you to remote, rural or mountainous locations where fixed line or cellular access is limited or absent.  Satellite IoT can help connect these areas and also provide reliable back-up for business critical uses.

It doesn’t matter how many IoT devices your business requires or where they are, our satellite IoT connectivity solutions can help you solve any connectivity or device management challenge related to cellular coverage conditions.

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