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The Iridium satellite constellation consists of 66 global cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites that provide high-quality voice and data connections. Their coverage spans the planet’s entire surface including all airways and polar regions.

Part of the Iridium satellite offering is the Iridium Certus and Iridium OpenPort antenna that provides an advanced communications platform using L-Band for maritime, aviation, and land solutions. Iridium guarantees critical connectivity regardless of any location, terrain, or weather condition. The Iridium GO for marine and land use is a cost-effective alternative for less intense communication requirements.

Iridium Certus

Iridium Certus is a superior mobile broadband service offering reliable, high-speed access using L-Band that facilitates connectivity from anywhere over land and sea.

Iridium Certus antennas are manufactured by Iridium, Cobham, Thales and Intellian that were specifically designed as maritime terminals. These units operate with the Iridium Certus service for seamless 24/7 connectivity. These robust and reliable antennas are low maintenance, lightweight and promise easy installation to get you connected without any hassle.


The Cobham Sailor 4300 terminal is a high-performance terminal to access the Iridium Certus service. With guaranteed reliability and connectivity to the Iridium network, you’ll always have peace of mind for safe and smart satellite Internet access using high bandwidth IP connectivity and voice connections from anywhere in the world. The Cobham Sailor is available in bulkhead and 19” rack-mount configuration for data intense applications such as videoconferencing, the Internet of Things, as well as regular email and Internet applications.


The Thales VesseLink range offers dependable maritime communications that includes pole-to-pole coverage. Flexible yet sturdy, these marine antennas integrate with existing communications devices and offer user-friendly capabilities for essential operations globally. The VesseLink devices are suitable for ships and fleets regardless of size to deliver Iridium Certus broadband services with 100% reliable service for crew and passengers.


The Intellian C700 terminal is a high-end terminal offering access to a multitude of applications that not only provide data and voice connectivity but also offer engine monitoring and remote diagnostics, and situational awareness reports. Specially designed for the Iridium Certus network, this terminal provides the fastest L-band broadband service with 352kbps transmission and 704kbps reception speeds in all weather conditions you may encounter while out at sea.

Iridium OpenPort

The Iridium OpenPort antenna is another Iridium marine antenna designed for powerful satellite Internet communications. Iridium OpenPort offers easy installation and management with high bandwidth and dependability. The Iridium Pilot range is the next generation superseding the OpenPort terminals with superior marine connectivity.

Iridium Pilot delivers exceptional value, performance and durability to the maritime industry. Designed and built for the toughest sea conditions, the Iridium Pilot terminal will never let you down when you need it most with a truly global broadband data and voice communication service.

With complete coverage over the Earth, it offers high-speed data, 3 independent voice lines and can be used as an indoor or outdoor unit. Its durable construction ensures top performance through all marine conditions.

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