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VSAT Systems

Skyware Global, Cobham, iDirect, and iNetVu produce VSAT systems and accessories. VSAT is used for recreational, business, and industry applications and because of their miniaturization and portability, they can be mounted to vehicles, or carried, and deployed to any location, or permanently installed at fixed sites.

Components of a VSAT System

The standard setup of a VSAT system comprises indoor and outdoor units. Indoor units refer to satellite modems, routers, and switches connected to devices or computers. An outdoor unit refers to the VSAT antenna which consists of a reflector dish (sizes between 60 cm to a 2.4-meter), a feedhorn to transmit and receive satellite signals, a block up converter (BUC) to convert uplink frequencies, and a Low Noise Block Converters (LNB) to convert received frequencies.

VSAT Accessories

Fully equipped antennas and different VSAT components can be purchased separately for the repair, maintenance, and upgrade of existing mounted or flyaway VSAT systems.


Skyware Global antennas, iNetVu, and Cobham offer complete VSAT systems in different sizes with auto-deploy and manual options. Dish sizes from 1.2-meter usually provide best performance that tolerates rain fade. The bigger the dish, the better the reception to support higher speeds in remote areas.


As part of the VSAT system, NJRC BUC Ku band modules convert uplink frequencies from a lower to a higher RF frequency covering 13.75 to 14.5 GHz. The output power differs between BUCs from 2 watts, 3 watts, 4 watts and 6 watts. The NJRC BUC Ku band components have a waterproof and dustproof IP67 ingress protection rating.


Skyware Global C-BAND RxTx is a receive and transmit linear polarized die-cast feed that’s been electrically tested and matched for demanding commercial applications.


The Low Noise Block converter on the VSAT system receives and converts radio waves sent via a cable to the indoor receiver unit. Ku-band is preferred for smaller dishes that require less bandwidth. The Norsat 1107HA PLL LNB and New Japan Radio NJR2784H DRO LNB are available for Ku-band installations.

VSAT Peripheral Accessories

Additional devices can be configured for use with different VSAT systems to extend the functionality and operation of the antenna.


The iDirect Evolution range of satellite routers make up the indoor components of a VSAT system to distribute Wi-Fi to other devices that need to utilize satellite communications. The hardware and software integration of these satellite routers provides the flexibility for diverse usage needs and features for advanced IP routing and security applications.


The Cisco Catalyst 24 Port Switch (2950-24) is a stackable switch offering wire-speed connectivity, security, and quality of service to high-performance, enterprise networks. Using the Cisco Network software, you can manage and configure your setup through a user-friendly web interface.


Antenna controllers are handheld devices or installed hardware controllers to manage VSAT systems. The iNetVu auxiliary handheld controllers enable users to manually configure and control any iNetvu antenna without the use of a computer while the iNetVu 7000 series antenna controller is installed for remote management via a web interface.

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