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High-performance satellite devices are designed for permanent, temporary, and recreational use giving customers the advantage to utilize satellite communications wherever they go. If you need satellite Internet access, the Cobham SATCOM terminal is a powerful yet compact unit providing quality connectivity while satellite phones and satellite TV can be accessed through a selection of versatile handsets and antennas.

Benefits of Using Satellite Communications

Satellites offer access to services and communications regardless of your location. They can be relied on when traveling to remote regions, sailing across the seas, climbing mountains, or on airplanes. Ground-based networks are more vulnerable as natural disasters, political issues, and connectivity reach can affect access to infrastructures.

Satellite Solutions

Satellite TV

Installing satellite TV at home, in your RV, on a boat, or using portable antennas, all require accessories for a reliable and working setup. Our range of dishes and parts ensure you have what is required to get up and running. Everything from cables, Thomas and Betts snap and seal connectors, mounting fixtures, receivers, and tools are all supplied through our extensive range of accessories.

Switches are important components if you want to share the satellite TV content on more than one television set. By installing the Dish Network dish Pro Plus DPP separator and the Dish Network DPP44 switch, you can expand your satellite installation across multiple displays for the whole family to enjoy.

Additionally, the Zinwell 4X4 multi-switch is available as a DirecTV approved component for replacements or upgrades. Being high-grade and waterproof, this multi-switch can be installed outdoors to withstand adverse weather conditions.

Satellite Internet

When you’re on the go for work or vacation, you can choose from numerous portable units that are lightweight and dependable for communication access. Devices like the RedPort Halo Wi-Fi extender system and optimizers are useful to amplify Internet signals so other smart devices can get online.

The Cobham SATCOM Internet terminal works over Inmarsat’s satellite network to bring you high speed connectivity and high data rate streaming. Built for any environment, this terminal is robust and resistant to dust, humidity, and rain.

Chargers, extra batteries, carry cases, antenna controllers, and other peripherals are also available to offer a comprehensive satellite experience.

Satellite Phones

The range of satellite phone handsets and accessories provide mobile access across the Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya, or Globastar networks. There is an unlimited selection of features and functionality that offer voice calling, messaging, GPS, SOS, and Bluetooth capabilities.

Whether you’re on the road, at sea, or working at a remote office, there are vehicular and fixed docking stations suited to all industries. External antennas, cables, cases, and rechargeable and spare batteries are just some of the options to include in your satellite communication purchase. 

Solar chargers and car chargers are essential to ensure your phone and extra batteries stay powered up while traveling to areas without electricity. Alternatively, choose from AC power chargers and international adapters for guaranteed power.

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