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iDirect for Global IP Services

The iDirect modem product range allows small teams or companies to work from remote facilities using satellites where ground-based networks are non-existent or unreliable. iDirect caters for any market sector needing Internet connectivity across land, sea or air. Because global mobile data traffic has increased and will continue to grow, the demand for voice and data services is exploding. Satellite communication is playing an integral role in providing technology to deliver global IP services.

How Satellite Modems Work

By communicating with satellites miles above the earth, business systems can continue operations whenever and wherever it's needed. Basically, a computer or mobile device sends a signal request through a modem to a satellite dish and then to an orbiting satellite.The signal is sent to a satellite Internet provider before the signal is transmitted back to the satellite. From there, the signal is sent to your satellite dish, the satellite modem, and then the computer or device that initially requested the signal.

Network Capabilities

Satellite modems (routers) facilitate Internet connectivity for multiple devices, such as VoIP phones, tablets, or computers, allowing you to set up your own network in a fixed or mobile environment.The high-speed mobility capabilities of satellite technology enable your team to access basic Internet services to highly sophisticated applications such as video conferencing.

iDirect Satellite Modem

iDirect offers IP-based satellite communications through various devices giving the ability to scale networks while providing quality speed and range with consistent connectivity.

iDirect Devices

The iDirect X3 modem price comes in at $1495 with added features for enterprise networks. Its high-speed, high-efficiency IP broadband connectivity maximizes satellite capacity to offer VPN access and high quality of service and network performance.The iDirect X5 modem enables higher data rates and larger traffic volumes. This satellite modem offers greater flexibility for network design and bandwidth optimization and can only be used with Ku-band, not Ka-band.

iDirect VSAT Systems

The iDirect VSAT modem includes a one-box solution with the VSAT modem, IP router, TCP acceleration, optimization, and encryption. The VSAT modems fully support application Quality of Service for guaranteed bandwidth availability when it comes to mission-critical applications. Bandwidth efficiencies are built on satellite and IP communications levels, and iDirect’s VSAT system is a highly efficient TDMA system (Time-division multiple access). This means multiple users can share the same frequency channel by dividing the signal into different time slots.

iDirect VSAT Modems

The iDirect X1 modem price is just under $1000, delivering value for money in this cost-effective model optimized for use in large networks such as SCADA, point-of-sale, ATM, femtocells, and small enterprise. The iDirect X1 modem specifications feature DVB-S2/ACM, TDMA, basic routing and VLAN functionality. The iDirect X7 modem is the latest multi-core system offering 100 Mbps of combined outbound and inbound throughput for IP TV, distance learning, HD broadcast, and video applications. This model is the first iDirect satellite modem to support multiple High Throughput Satellite spot-beams as well as combine Ku- and C-Band satellite capacity.

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