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What is a Satellite Phone Plan?
Before delving into satellite phone plans, first let’s understand how satellite phones work. These mobile communication devices connect to satellites high in the sky to transmit signals over voice, text or data.

Consequently, satellite communications are costlier than cellular communications because of the space technology used to create the infrastructure up in the atmosphere. However, Canada Satellite offers satellite phone for Canada plans to help you get the best use from your sat phone without having to break the bank. All satellite phone providers offer plans that are only compatible with their own hardware. 

Satellite Phone Plan Providers
There are several options for satellite phone plans in Canada from different providers who offer Spot satellite phone plans, or Inmarsat or Iridium satellite phone plans, to name but a few.  So, whether you’re renting or purchasing a satellite phone, you can choose from a wide range of airtime and data bundles to help you manage your sat phone economically.

Satellite Phone Plans
An Iridium satellite phone connects to an orbital Iridium satellite and Inmarsat sat phones connect to orbital Inmarsat satellites. Essentially, this means satellite phones are not interchangeable and don’t have roaming functions with communication networks like regular cell phones.  Iridium and Inmarsat provide extensive choices for satellite phone plans.

Iridium PrePaid Plans
Iridium has prepaid SIM cards for global and regional use that are valid between 1 month to 2 years. Prepaid airtime minutes can be purchased for Canada / Alaska, Middle East / North Africa (MENA), Latin America, Africa, and Global coverage.  Iridium SIM card plans provide access to reliable communication services anywhere worldwide.

Iridium PostPaid Plans
Iridium also offers monthly postpaid satellite phone plans without the concern of an account expiring or running low on airtime. All Iridium plans are billed from the 15th day of each month to the 14th day of the following month. Any activation days before the 15th will be pro-rated. Incoming calls and texts are free, but calls are chargeable between Iridium phones at C$0.99 per minute and calls to mobile phones or landline networks start from C$1.59 per minute. However, calls to other satellite networks are pricier at C$11.99 per minute. A postpaid emergency phone plan is available with an activation and annual subscription fee.

Inmarsat Plans
Regional and global prepaid options help better manage usage and spending on the satellite phone. Pre and postpaid plans are available for supported Inmarsat satellite terminal models like Inmarsat sat phones, BGAN and Isathub. You can buy units in advance that are valid between 30 and 365 days. The unit value is based on the service type. For example, voice calls to cellular is 1.2 units, SMS messages are half a unit and Inmarsat voice/fax/data are 2.50 to 4.90 units. Monthly subscriptions are pro-rata in the activation month and thereafter, billed monthly in advance.  Choose a selected prepaid or postpaid plan for global or North American coverage.

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