ITU-T standard describing a synchronous, physical layer protocol used for communications between a network access device and a packet network. V.35 is most commonly used in the United States and in Europe, and is recommended for speeds up to 48 Kbit/s.

Van Allen radiation belts
These are two high level radiation belts discovered by an Explorer Satellite designed by Dr. Van Allen of Cal Tech. These belts which are highly destructive to communications satellites consists of two belts of highly charged particles and high energy neutrons.

Vertical blanking interval.

Vertical Interval Test Signal
A method whereby broadcasters add test signals to the blanked portion of the vertical interval. Normally placed on lines 17 through 21 in both field one and two.

Very High Frequencies (VHF)
The range of frequencies extending from 30 to 300 MHz; also television channels 2 through 13.

Very small aperture terminal. Refers to small earth stations, usually in the 1.2 to 2.4 meter range. Small aperture terminals under 0.5 meters are sometimes referred to Ultra Small Aperture Terminals (USAT's)

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio. A measurement of mismatch in a cable, waveguide, or antenna system.

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