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A VSAT system has multiple parts consisting of a small satellite dish, a transceiver, controller, VSAT cables, and several accessories to ensure secure installation and use on fixed structures, or deployment for on-demand service.  Some VSAT systems can be purchased with a bundle to include peripherals while others come in individual components to build bespoke solutions.

Extended Warranties

When VSAT systems aren’t purchased with extended warranties, backup and replacement parts may need to be bought in the case of damage or loss of equipment when the manufacturer’s default warranty expires. When investing in a new VSAT, it’s worthwhile considering the added convenience of including an extended 3-year guarantee that covers the hardware, online support, and software upgrades.

VSAT Accessories

All components of a VSAT system can be bought separately for increased flexibility, power, and performance. Necessary compatible terminal equipment like the low-cost Ka-band 1W iNetVu Transceiver is developed for VSAT applications with highly integrated multi-functions and low power. When in isolated areas without electrical power, the iNetVu SolarPack is a must-have accessory to power up your VSAT system using solar rays for instant communications.

Motor, Sensor, and Coax Cable Sets

The iNetVu product line also offers a wide range of cables in varying configurations. The cable sets for the iNetVu 7024 Controller, iNetVu 7710 Controller, and iNetVu 7000 Controller include:

  • An external motor cable (metalized AMP 9 Pin to AMP 9 Pin connectors, 10m / 33 feet)

  • An external sensor cable (metalized AMP 16 Pin to DB26 connector, 10m / 33 feet)

  • A coaxial cable (F-Type connectors, 75 ohm, 10m / 33 feet)

For the iNetVu 1800+ Antenna, cable sets, or separate external coaxial cables are available as well as C-Band Linear and Circular C-Band Options.

iNetVu Antenna Controllers

The iNetVu 7000 Series Antenna Controllers are installed hardware components to manage a VSAT system for remote management via a web interface. The Antenna Controller is a one-box, one-touch solution for satellite auto-acquisition designed to interface with a number of satellite modems, iNetVu VSATs, and DVB-S/DVB-S2ACM Receivers. It is an easily configurable and operated antenna controller unit which comes with the combined GPS/GLONASS Satellite Navigation System.

It has the ability to communicate with the satellite modem, automatically find and lock onto a satellite and stow the antenna when completed.  The user can also monitor real-time system parameters such as signal strength, GPS coordinates, motor currents, as well as allowing the user the capability of manually moving the antenna and performing any maintenance tests and calibration tasks.

iNetVu Handheld Auxiliary Antenna Controllers

The iNetVu auxiliary handheld controllers enable users to manually configure and control any iNetvu antenna without the use of a computer to improve and Azimuth and Elevation angle adjustment adjustments. The handheld controllers have a similar look and feel as a video game controller.

Its LCD display and 10-speed operation allows you to raise, stow, and polarize compatible systems when conducting demonstrations, installations, testing or for emergency backup situations.

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