Iridium Solar Chargers

When travelling to a remote region where electrical power is unavailable or unreliable, you can depend on using satellite solar panels to keep your sat devices charged up while on the go. Portable solar power chargers are practical and effective when needing access to power.

Solar chargers don’t cost much in price or added weight and are essential for those visiting far off places. These chargers are highly useful for emergency and backup power. You can always purchase additional electric or car chargers as well as making sure you have packed in spare batteries for your satellite devices.

How Solar Chargers Work

Foldable solar panels are easy to transport and set up regardless of where you are. Once deployed, the solar panels harness the sun’s energy and convert it to electricity. Whether you need a solar panel for a phone or tablet, you can connect any device with a USB interface to get instant charging.

Solar chargers don’t have batteries and the power output is relative to the amount of direct sunlight the charger is exposed to. They work extremely well and charging times for a sat phone battery is in line with standard wall charging without using fast charge.

SatStation SolarPak

The SatStation SolarPak 18 and 24 are compact and portable solar panels for cell phones and satellite devices that need instant charging. The SatStation SolarPak models are economical options that provide 18 or 24 watts of power in a foldable solution that is quick and easy to set up.

The adapter makes the solar charger compatible with the Iridium GO device, and the Iridium sat phone models Extreme 9575, 9555, Iridium 9505A / 9505, Iridium 9500, IsatPhone Pro, and IsatPhone 2 handsets.


The SolarPak 18 offers an output of 18V and its folded dimensions are 17.5 x 18 x 8 cm. The SolarPak 24 provides an output power of 24V and when folded it is 30 x 22 x 18 cm in size. These solar chargers are lightweight and easy to carry.

Iridium SolStar

If you’re looking for small solar panels for cell phones and devices, the Solstar charger is a pocket sized option for dependable power. The SolStar i-10 is the perfect, lightweight companion for any journey and any destination. It is ideal for rugged conditions and comes with a 15-foot extension cord and female CLA adapter.

The Iridium solar panel is waterproof, UV resistant and weatherproof that allows it to be effective in powering up batteries in the Iridium 9500, 9505 and the 9505A satellite phones. It comes with grommets to ensure secure tie down and when in line with direct sunlight, its power charging times are comparable to an AC travel charger.


The operating voltage is 12 V and when folded it is 26.7 x 8.9 x 3.3 cm and weighs less than half a kilogram making it highly portable and convenient for travel purposes.

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