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Shaw Direct is a direct broadcast satellite television distributor in Canada. Known for their direct broadcasting by satellite distribution, it is majority-owned by cable TV operator Shaw Communications Inc. As of 2010, Shaw Direct had over 900,000 subscribers. It broadcasts on Ku band from three communications satellites, Anik F1R and Anik G1 at 107.3°W, and Anik F2 at 111.1°W; these satellites are owned by Telesat Canada and otherwise are used primarily to distribute programming to various Canadian cable TV companies. The company was formerly known as Star Choice until April 15, 2009.

A full list of channels carried by these three satellites is available from satellite-related sites such as Lyngsat. Anik F1 carries most mainstream English-language programming; Anik F2 programming includes French-language and HDTV broadcasts. A third planned satellite, Anik G1, was launched on April 15, 2013, and then later reached orbit on May 29, 2013. This new satellite provides Shaw Direct customers with access to over 210 HD channels.

Shaw Direct began in Lincoln, New Brunswick, but is now based in Calgary, Alberta. Its broadcast centre is in Mississauga, Ontario, and has call centres in Victoria, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Montreal.

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Shaw Direct Equipment

Your Shaw Direct satellite TV service requires two main pieces of equipment – a satellite dish outside your home, and a satellite receiver inside your home.

Positioned on the end of your satellite dish is a piece called the “LNB”. Depending on the type of LNB, you may be receiving a signal from one, two, or all three satellites.

Since approximately 2012, all LNBs deployed have been the latest “xKu” style, which receives a signal from all three satellites. All customers will require this type of LNB by 2019.

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