Thuraya Satellite Phones

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When planning a trip that takes you off the beaten track, packing medical and safety supplies is crucial. And a Thuraya satellite phone should be part of the necessities in your travel bag for emergencies or to stay in touch with loved ones when cellular networks are out of reach.

Reasons to buy a Thuraya Satellite Phone

Thuraya’s satellite phones keep you connected to the outside world by allowing you to make voice calls, send SMS or emails, and if you want more than just the basic phone functions, choose a model with a rich set of features and lets you browse the Internet at high-speed.

The cost of a Thuraya satellite phone starts from US$600 making it an affordable, life-saving device. American Satellite are suppliers of Thuraya in the USA offering a range of handsets that you can always rely on for satellite connectivity.

Thuraya X5 Touch

The Thuraya X5 Touch is the world’s first Android-based sat phone that has dual SIM capability for GSM and satellite networks. It is a state-of-the-art handset with a 5.2” full HD touchscreen and glare resistant Gorilla glass, and comes with advanced navigation and SOS functionality as well as voice and data services.


The Thuraya XT Pro Dual is also a dual-mode, dual-SIM satellite phone that provides the ultimate flexibility when moving in and out of cellular coverage ensuring you are never disconnected from the outside world. The XT Pro Dual comes with all the voice and data phone features you would expect along with navigation and tracking capabilities.

Thuraya SatSleeve+

The Thuraya SatSleeve+ is an elegant unit that attaches to certain iPhone and Android smartphones to the Thuraya satellite network. The added advantage is being able to use all the smartphone functionality through a satellite connection. The Thuraya Satsleeve hotspot is a standalone device that allows one smart device to connect at any given time via Wi-Fi to access satellite voice and data applications.

Thuraya XT PRO

The Thuraya XT Pro is a single SIM satellite phone for voice and data communications. It offers selectable navigation systems and includes a powerful battery for up to 9 hours talk time.

Thuraya XT-LITE

The Thuraya XT Lite satellite phone offers satellite voice communication without all the bells and whistles. This is ideal for travelers on a budget who need a device for basic calling features.

Phone Plans

When you buy a Thuraya satellite phone, you can choose flexible and cost-effective phone plans for postpaid and prepaid for voice and/or data usage. Postpaid plans offer unlimited usage with rates typically lower than prepaid. Prepaid options include the Thuraya ECO SIM card for minimal usage and low-cost call rates to 83 countries.


The catalog of accessories include hands-free systems, travel chargers, batteries, and fixed docking stations for compatible Thuraya satellite phones.

Hotspots and Repeaters

The single and multi-channel indoor repeaters provide coverage to Thuraya satellite phones through an amplified signal received from an external antenna. The Thuraya XT Wi-Fi Hotspot is placed outdoors for multiple devices to connect to satellite services.

Thuraya Satellite Phone Coverage Map

Thuraya Coverage Map

Thuraya's robust satellite network provides coverage in the most remote locations, ensuring congestion-free satellite communications to keep you connected at all times. From innovative satellite design to the reliability of each Thuraya device and accessory, we provide a truly superior satellite communication solution beyond the boundaries of terrestrial systems and cellular networks.

The Thuraya network does not cover north or south America.

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The Thuraya XT-PRO is a feature-rich satellite phone which provides multiple supplementary functions, whereas the Thuraya XT-LITE is a scaled-down version that provides basic satellite services like calls and SMS in satellite mode.

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