Portable and Vehicular Mobile VSAT Satellite Internet Antennas and Accessories

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Mobile VSAT

A VSAT system is a small mobile satellite Internet antenna that is easily transportable for quick manual deployment or it can be mounted to a vehicle to provide high-speed data communications and TV viewing via satellite from any location. Built to handle adverse weather, mobile VSAT antennas provide Internet, and video broadcasting and streaming in remote areas to keep you connected while on the move.


Additional fixtures and accessories can be purchased to work with certain mobile VSAT antennas such as solar chargers to provide AC power, and handheld management devices and installed antenna controllers for remote operation.

Vehicle Mounted VSAT

iNetVu, Winegard, AVL, and Cobham antenna systems are some of the top manufacturers of VSAT systems specific for vehicle mounting. The AVL and Cobham Explorer series offers solutions for high-end enterprise use across any industry. iNetVu antennas and Winegard Internet satellite antennas offer a variety of products for recreational use as well as top end models for corporate or government use.

Vehicle mounted antennas provide maximum reliability with a robust design consisting of rugged gear trains and motors for high-performing communications applications. Accurate and repeatable pointing accuracy ensures quick and consistent signal acquisition.

DataSat VSAT

The MST RV DataSat 840 is ideal for consumers who utilize Internet, VoIP, video, and movie applications as the DataSat plans offer low data rates through a selection of RV Entertainment service plans. The VSAT system is easy to use and comes with a .85-meter antenna, antenna controller, iDirect Evolution X5 satellite modem, and wireless router.

Portable VSAT

The portable Flyaway mobile satellite systems are lightweight and robust, and designed to be movable and deployed on the ground for access to high-speed satellite Internet from anywhere in the world. Flyaway antennas are typically stored in a carry box or bag for easy portability. Once setup the VSAT acts as a Wi-Fi and phone access point providing full telecommunication services.


iNetVu antennas come in varying sizes between 98cm up to 1.8-meter and are optimized for Ku, Ka, or C-band frequencies. Being highly portable units makes it simple for quick installation with a self-pointing and auto-acquiring satellite signal. These units can be configured with the iNetVu antenna controllers to give you full management and operation of the antenna.


iNetVu, AVL, and Cobham antenna systems can be manually configured with an assisted pointing tool to obtain a satellite signal within minutes. iNetvu antennas come in 80 cm and 100 cm Ku, Ka, or X-band systems with a carry case bearing a total system weight of about 20kg.

AVL VSAT systems offer different sizes from 60cm to 2.4-meter dishes and interface with any modem for critical field communications that offer single- or multi-band options. The Cobham Explorer 3075 and 3075GX are 75 cm antennas weighing 12 kg, making them lightweight and transportable. The GX model is configured specifically for the Inmarsat Global Xpress network, which is a global high-speed broadband network managed by a single operator.

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