What is Shaw Direct for?

Shaw Satellite TV is one of the primary satellite TV providers in Canada and was notably the first Canadian provider to use two satellites. Using state-of-the-art digital technology, Shaw TV satellite brings top-quality viewing and more bandwidth for better programming.

Difference between Shaw Direct and Bell TV

Bell and Shaw Satellite TV in Canada both connect to the Nimiq infrastructure of geostationary satellites. Shaw Direct is more predominant in western Canada whereas Bell is a bigger player in eastern Canada. The services provided by each satellite operator will vary in HD programming choices and cost.

Shaw Satellite TV Programs

Shaw Direct provides the latest HD content through over 215 dedicated channels that include: Movie Central, The Movie Network, Super Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Showcase, CBC, ABC, FOX and many more.

Connecting to Shaw Direct

Shaw Satellite TV compresses signals to transmit more data without affecting speed. This brings more channels, with a crystal-clear picture and best-quality sound.

How does it work?

The Shaw TV dish absorbs the satellite’s signal transmission through the dish's antenna. The signal is then amplified to communicate with the Shaw Direct receiver.

The signal goes through a cable from the Shaw TV satellite dish to the receiver inside to decode the signal before sending it to the TV set. This happens within seconds as you switch channels to view the latest content in high definition.

Compact Satellite Solutions

Shaw Satellite TV offers a selection of dishes as a permanent or portable satellite solution. Accessories and extra devices, such as the multi-switch are also available through Canada Satellite.


The Shaw TV dish has a Low Noise Blocker (LNB) to filter and refine the signals. Multiple LNBs like the Quad-LNB, extends your viewing capabilities and allows up to four receivers. The antenna can transmit with 3 Shaw Direct satellites in linear Ku-Ban, which is a frequency range used mostly for satellite TV and VSAT systems.

The Shaw TV satellite dish offers two different sized Quad-LNB fixed satellite dish solutions:

  • Shaw Direct 60E (84cm / 33")
  • Shaw Direct 75E (36"/ 90cm)


Shaw Satellite TV portable solutions are designed for mobility and suited to outdoor, RV, or maritime use.

  • Shaw Direct portable 60E satellite dish is ideal for the remote outdoors. The Camping Combo bundle includes the dish, heavy duty tripod, cable and compression connectors and an analog signal finder.
  • The Winegard TRAV'LER for Shaw Direct is a portable satellite solution for RVs and camper trailers. The automatic multi-satellite antennas offer the same quality viewing as a fixed satellite dish. The Winegard package includes the mount and reflector kit and the receiver is purchased separately.
  • The Intellian i6 Marine Satellite TV System for Shaw Direct is designed for marine use on ocean cruisers, yachts and commercial vessels. This is a robust device with strong signal gain for far off sea voyaging.

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