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Thuraya Satellite Communications

Thuraya is one of the leading satellite communication providers with two geostationary orbital satellites situated at an altitude of over 35,000 km. Through their end-consumer devices like the Thuraya Satsleeve product range, Thuraya’s network delivers quality voice and data services over the L-band frequency.

Thuraya Satsleeve Coverage

Thuraya’s Satsleeve devices provide global coverage in remote areas across 161 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia with roaming services for more than 360 GSM networks. The innovative satellite technology ensures superior and reliable communication solutions that extend beyond terrestrial systems and cellular networks.

Thuraya Voice and Data

The Thuraya SatSleeve Plus Satellite Phone and SatSleeve Hotspot are sleek, mobile devices that transform iPhone and Android handsets into satellite smartphones. The unique models of the Thuraya Satsleeve for sale offer flexibility for consumers to use their smartphones as docked or undocked devices that connect through the Thuraya satellite network. Using either of these devices requires the Thuraya app to be installed on the smartphone.

Thuraya Satsleeve Plus

The Thuraya Satsleeve+ model is a one unit universal adapter that attaches to a smartphone. This allows you to use satellite services without having to invest in a separate sat phone handset when a ground-based network is unavailable. The Thuraya Satsleeve Plus lets you make voice calls, send text messages and access email and applications using your phone’s existing list of contacts.

Weighing only 256 grams, the Satsleeve+ unit is a lightweight attachment with a headset, micro USB, and battery charge connections. The lithium ion battery provides up to 3 hours talk time and 70 hours standby time with the Wi-Fi switched off, while still allowing incoming calls and SOS capability.

Thuraya Satsleeve Hotspot

The Satsleeve Hotspot device suits customers who prefer to keep their smartphone undocked from an external unit. This device acts as a portable, stand-alone hotspot that is placed outdoors to establish a satellite signal while a smartphone connects from within a 30 meter range. A single phone can utilize the Wi-Fi hotspot services at any given time. The SatSleeve Hotspot is equipped with a microphone, speaker, and an SOS feature that is available even if the smartphone is not connected. This feature makes an outgoing call to an emergency contact specified by the user.

Thuraya Single Repeater

The Thuraya single indoor repeater provides coverage of up to 530 square meters for one device at a time where there are blind spots or weak reception coverage. The satellite signal is received by an external antenna that has an established connection with the Thuraya satellite network. The signal is amplified and transmitted to the indoor device. The repeater supports voice, data, fax, SMS and GMPRS up to 60/15 kbps (download/upload) for all Thuraya satellite phones. Easy to install with user-friendly operation, the repeater comes with an outdoor antenna unit, power supply, and mounts for a permanent installation as well as a suction kit for a temporary, portable solution to maintain satellite communications in remote areas.

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Thuraya only provides service in Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  The Satsleeve and other Thuraya products will not function in North America.  A competing product would be the Iridium GO! - though it doesn't attach directly to the smartphone, you use your smartphone as a wireless interfact for the satellite device, getting a very similar experience to the Thuraya Satsleeve.

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