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Satellite Phone Rental Reviews

I just wanted to let you know that the sat phone was excellent - worked well on our trip and provided everything we needed!

Kristen S.
Calgary, AB
October 2014

The satellite phone was well used both by us while crossing the Atlantic and by fellow passengers along with emergency services in St. Lucia as the airport flooded and was closed for 4 days at Christmas. I had the only phone that was working. 

Charles H.
Strathford, ON
January 2014

I recently found myself in an unexpected, extended, dire situation while ski touring in the Monashee Mountains. When the water ran out and the food was gone and things "Got Real" we knew we were in it for the long haul. Despite bad weather and the heavy forest I was able to contact friends& family to let them know we were trying to make it to the road before sun up. When we had been touring for 20+ hours, with frozen skins, in waist deep snow, it was comforting to hear my wife's voice and know I had solid line of communication. I've used spot devices for 4 years now, and I have to say, the Iridium phone connected better and was easy to use. The guys at Canada Satellite were great with adjusting the length of my rental contract and the unit came with a fully charged spare battery. For deep back-country exploring I'm packing an Iridium phone from now on. 

Eddie M.
Calgary, AB
December 2013

"Fortunately for us we did not have to use the phones as they were only in place for an emergency situation. However, I know we were happy to have them." 

Whitney O. 
Swim Canada 
Ottawa, ON 
September 2013

"Fortunately we did not have had any emergencies, so we just had a phone on for a couple of hours each day in case of incoming calls from relatives (but they did not need us either), but it was good to have it for a piece of mind and we'll be doing the same in the future. We'll definitely use your reliable service." 

Alex A. 
Surrey, BC, Canada 
September 2013

"Phone worked fine and we appreciated the service and peace of mind it brought to a wilderness canoe expedition. (And the fact that the Pelican case is totally waterproof - we tested it extensively!)" 

David E. 
Halifax, NS, Canada 
August 2013 

"Awesome! It has been a pleasure renting from you guys and I will do it again!" 

Stephen K. 
Victoria, BC, Canada 
July 2013 

"Well, I seem to have made it through the worst, and my insurance policy of the satellite terminal made me feel very safe. I didn't need to use it...which was the goal. I was able to recommend your great service to a couple of other boating families we met as well. I will be in touch in the future about doing this again, as our plan is to spend a lot of time on the boat. Thanks again for all your help!" 

Jane K. 
Langley, BC, Canada 
July 2013 

"Thank you for your excellent service" 

Doug S. 
Edmonton, AB, Canada 
September 2012 

"Thanks for renting me this sat phone for my trip that was sponsored by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. I used it many times, including for a CBC Radio interview at the Arctic Circle. I will recommend your company in the future!" 

Allen M. 
Ottawa, ON, Canada 
June 2012 

"I rented this satellite phone to be used on a sailing trip from The Bahamas south to the Caribbean. Unfortunately our boat was wrecked on a reef in the Turks and Caicos Islands on March 20. I used the phone to call for help. It is an excellent phone, easy to use." 

Cathie M. 
Toronto, ON, Canada 
April 2012 

"Very good phone, worked very well!" 

Glen H. 
Medicine Hat, AB 
November 2011 

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